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  1. Enter your user name and password in the indicated areas on the upper right portion of this page. NOTE: If you are viewing this on a mobile device, click on the Menu Icon in the upper right corner of the page to see the login area.
  2. User Name: Your user name is the front portion of your SWCC email address (ex. SMITH4).
  3. Password:
    a. For anyone in the SWCC system prior to Dec. 22, 2017, your password is the first three letters of your last name (all letters uppercase) followed by the last four digits of your social security number (Ex. SMI2323).
    b. For anyone entered in the SWCC system after Dec. 22, 2017, your password is your date of birth. This is an eight-digit password that includes the month, day, and year of your birth). So, for example, if your date of birth is Jan. 13, 1998, then your password would be 01131998.
  4. Once you have entered your user name and password, click “Login.”

If you have questions or struggle logging in, please contact Scott Helm, director of information technology, at 641.782.1481 or at

Faculty and Staff

To log in, please use the password you use to log in to your computer each day at SWCC.

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